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Hookah "Fortuna 2", 2 hoses, 62 cm

Item number: WP053

Hookah "Fortuna 2"

Hookah with metal mouthpieces, clay head and silicone hoses


Colours: grey-black

Height: 66cm

2 hoses


25 cm
Schwarz / Silber

Category: Shishas (Water Pipes)

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Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays

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The hookah "Fortuna 2" comes with two black silicone hoses and metal mouthpieces. It has two vents for double use with two hoses. To do so, screw the hose into the respective vent.

More information:
1x water container (31 x 25cm)
1x pipe stem
1x silicone hose with connectors and mouthpiece
1x charcoal trail
1x head base
1x coal pliers
1x glass base
Height with ceramic bowl: 66cm
Height without ceramic bowl: 62cm
1.: Fill the vase with approximmately 2cm water. If you wish to experiment with flavours, add one quarter milk or tea to the water.
2.: Depending on the coping mechanism, click or screw the hookah stem with the vase.
3.: Gently sprinkle the tobacco into the clay bowl up to 2/3.
4.: Light the coals; depending on which coals you use, either heat them up with a coal heater for 5-15mins or light the self-lightning coals with a lighter until they glow

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